About DSOS

DSOS is a great place for self – discovery, self – development and enlightenment.
In times of competitiveness and speed, each one of us is consumed by money problems, minor and major illnesses,small and big annoyances and ever – looming negativity. Ever gave it a thought – something needs to change. Maybe, It’s you.
Pick DSOS for a new Sunrise in your life: learn to make the right choices, understand your partner better to see your relationships blossom, pre and post martial counseling is possible, understand your children and grow with them and take a step towards improved health. We will hold your hand in good and bad times. A unique course at this school is about life, coping skills, about development and about all of us.
The age old Tarots and Numerology are our friendly guides in our special journeys. Join us to understand your life purpose, life lessons, learn the art to self heal and spread the peace.
Join the DSOS family become one with true learning….www.dsos.in