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Creative Meditation

Creative meditation focuses on each individual‘s needs and is suitable for   everyday life, every stage, every condition and age group. It is a form of meditation that can be done while walking, standing, sitting in the car, in a party and at work. After all, meditation is about dissociating yourself in present scenario and be able can energies yourself. Meditation helps to re- charge your battery.
At DSOS, we are able to diagnose the problem you are facing and suggest appropriate meditation form. This creative meditation will help the person balance his mind and body.

Aura Enhancing Techniques

“Seen that Golden hue over the Angel’s head and a fleeting sight of a silver image across the skies….. its home coming for Angels and Guardians as their Auras lovingly stroke those you need peace n love .” An aura is an nothing but an energy field which emanates as attraction. Aura a great play of colors that tells the story of a person whereby his personality and traits come alive. People generally tend to get along with people with the similar or complimentary auras. How about a short walk through the Gallery of Aura colors. Reds are driven and passionate souls,Peppy Oranges are creative n excitable people,Bright Yellows are sunny n cheerful people,Placid greens are social n warm people,Charming Indigos are intuitive n spiritual,Peaceful Violets are the healing n spiritual while the pristine whites are truly something else n rare – they’ r heavenly and the enriched Golden Auras are inspiring and path givers.Colors of the Aura totally give out who are !