URA AND YOU :: Create Magic in yourself

“Seen that Golden hue over the Angel’s head and a fleeting sight of a silver image across the skies….. its home coming for Angels and Guardians as their Auras lovingly stroke those you need peace n love .” An aura is an nothing but an energy field which emanates as attraction. Aura a great play of colors that tells the story of a person whereby his personality and traits come alive. People generally tend to get along with people with the similar or complimentary auras. How about a short walk through the Gallery of Aura colors. Reds are driven and passionate souls,Peppy Oranges are creative n excitable people,Bright Yellows are sunny n cheerful people,Placid greens are social n warm people,Charming Indigos are intuitive n spiritual,Peaceful Violets are the healing n spiritual while the pristine whites are truly something else n rare – they’ r heavenly and the enriched Golden Auras are inspiring and path givers.Colors of the Aura totally give out who are !

All of us are blessed with great minds,bodies and souls.One’s Aura imbibes the spirit of all of the three.It is dynamic and shows the present and future changes ; sometimes past life.We draw relationships,opportunities and even make education and career choices based on one ‘s aura. Lets look at how we can cleanse,empower and enhance Aura.Generally speaking, mindless activities and messed up routines can lead to confusion,even exhaustion and a slow down.So early to bed and early to rise can change your world and strengthen your Aura. Good Sleep is important – listen to soothing music, read a good book and hit the sack.All of these will make you sleep like a baby.

Routine does help and a good diet will go a long way in charging your body and make you who you are because the type of food you eat influences everything. Discipline in everyday life will make you balanced and give you an aura that shows this centeredness and your confidence. Get some quite time away from gadgets ,TV,Facebook and other such energy absorbing means.You will come out collected and calm.This shows in your aura.

Stay away or abstain from addictions,intoxications, over -indulgences.Some of these behavours and habits can create strained or dull Auras. Without you even realizing such mannerism starts to show signs and you’re gradually moving towards health problems, interpersonal “hick ups” and a down hill in life which is can be pretty unnerving and not fun.Facing family, friends fire or getting socially outcast can throw your balance off and your imbalanced Aura will hamper your development.

Look at clearing mess with people around and letting go can make you a new person and provide you a light n clear aura. Ever thought how relaxing it is to accept your fault or to just say sorry. Also, a good hearty laugh sends sparks and makes you blink like a star.So laugh it off !!

Developing faith maybe in a mentor,guide,or any person who provides you inner strength and Higher powers of God Almighty will make you and your Aura soar.

Well, moving on from you to the do’s we can use a few things to step up our energies which are taking rock salt water bath everyday to ward off the negativity, sitting or sleeping under a pyramid, wearing aura enhancing jewelry and Rudraksh ( Lord Shiva’s blessings worn to protect n heal , see in Remedies),detoxification with holy plants like sacred Basil or Tulsi- watering it every morning, putting sandalwood or saffron Tilak centres you and brings fame and reading hanuman Chalisa can take away any negative attachments to your aura.

Your space is your Haven away from the hustle n bustle and you could bless your home with Bells,Wind Chimes n use a Tibetian Singing bowl to create positive vibrations.Once in a while, de- clutter the house – throw away the unneeded things and this will also take away the unwanted baggage of your life.Smoke the house with Holy Incense sticks and open windows to Sunlight. The house will resonate with positive energy and so will your Aura.

It helps to Chant n pray,it brings eternal strength n charisma. Mediatation and being one with nature lifts your Aura to a dimension of peace and harmony. Any kind of debt can dampen your aura.It best to ensure your give and take with people is balanced.Be it gifts,help,allowances, This affects your energy level.

Last but not the least, spark up a new wave of momentum in your life by wearing colors that appeal to you.Colors can energize you ,fill your chakras with depleted energies and help you move forward in a positive way. Red colors ground you to your roots and provide essential life energy, white brings harmony , pink blossoms your relationships,blue evokes intuition and green is the harbringer of growth and prosperity.Don’t forget the Aura mirrors your emotions, karmas and instincts so think good,do good and you will surely feel good. I can assure you that ” a Soul’ s grace forms the Aura. A soul ‘s desires and drive beholds the aura. “

Review by Shhanya Madan Bhatia
Faculty at DSOS