Profile – Shhanya Madan Bhatia  (Singapore: )

SHHANAYA - The Expert Instructor

SHHANAYA – The Expert InstructorShhanya Madan Bhatia is an expert instructor at Delhi School of Occult Sciences. She has been associated from the beginning with Dr Midha and the birth of the school. Blessed and anointed by Dr Midha to guide and spread spiritual knowledge and teach Occult Sciences, Shhanya enjoys teaching tremendously.She is passionate about meeting people and believes that one’s Aura guides one towards his goals, dreams, passion and visions. Shhanya has a core Green Aura and she ALWAYS wants to help people .She loves animals and children. It’s not surprising she has a Honors in Psychology from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University.She has worked with various community centers and taught slum children while at College.She has been attached with learning and counseling for many years. A TAROT enthusiast, she excels in NUMEROLOGY, Writing, Training, Aura enhancing techniques and Healing ‘n’ Remedies.A follower of Doc Midha‘s philosophy and expertise on the subject of people healing and guidance. She uses Phone number Numerology and creative meditation as guide tools. A diehard fan of Indian music and art – Shhanya has traveled widely across India while her Dad served in the Indian Army.   To sum it all, life is about how you respond to various aspects of it  and balance  it. Some souls are there to help those in need. Everyone is Human after-all. Those who want to learn and want to help must extend their Hand as a gesture to those who want to learn, who want to heal and be happy.    DSOS is one such platform, one such place where thoughts blossom into ideas, spirits soar and hearts find warmth. It is an entity of golden peace and knowledge.Dr Midha and I would like to welcome one and all to start a fascinating journey and a lifetime experience of learning and guidance as we steer and usher you all. Welcome Aboard !


Profile – Yukti Sharma (India: )

Yukti-The Instructor
Yukti-The Instructor
Ms. Yukti  Sharma being a student to a consultant in D.S.O.S. In her journey she begins as a seeker, learner and a spiritual guide to others in occult sciences to show them a right path in their field. In her journey to  spirituality she attained International degree in yoga from sivananda ashram Kerala ( TTC
She learnt Tarot and new age Numerology under Dr. Seema Midha from D.S.O.S ( She also got expertise in Reiki, meditation, colour therapy and vastu/ fengshui from different schools spirituality in INDIA.
She has done her MBA and pursuing IRS from London school of economics. She is also pursuing French from alliances Francis and Russian from international Russian centre new Delhi.
Profile – Kajti (California: )

Kajti’s encounter with “intuition” is not new and her relationship with “positive holistic healing” has developed rather amicably over the past 2 decades. She has dedicated her life to spiritual counseling and continues to pursue her passion in life – healing people on a holistic level bringing about health, happiness, hope and harmony amongst her fellow human beings. In the course of her spiritual journey, she has mastered different healing modalities extending her practice from people to pets. She lives in California and does psychic readings, healing and workshops on Meditation, Tarot, Numerology, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Indian Healing and other healing modalities.
2013 Bharat Nirman Award winner in the young achievers category, Kajti says her life’s mission is to help people look beyond the realm of societal, cultural, religious, and “perceived” individual personal limitations to get to the core of an individual’s BEing in order to compassionately uncover and release negative or limiting behavior patterns as well as discover latent talents and abilities, and to find positive solutions to life/soul challenges.